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We work with our merchants to find the best program to fit their needs such as a fully compliant surcharge program or a convenience fee program for eCommerce. If the consumer chooses to pay with a credit card, the surcharge is applied and reflected on their receipt as accordingly

We work with our merchants to find the best program to fit their needs such as a fully compliant surcharge program or a convenience fee program for eCommerce. If the consumer chooses to pay with a credit card, the surcharge is applied and reflected on their receipt as accordingly

Dynamic Solutions

Adaptable payment strategies that evolve with your business needs, enhancing efficiency and revenue streams.

Secure Transactions

Ensuring data protection and peace of mind through state-of-the-art security protocols for all financial interactions.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated team provides personalized assistance and guidance around the clock.


Quick Service Restaurants

Fast Food and Quick Service Restaurants can increase sales by offering cashless forms of payment no matter where your customers are from or where you do business. Flexible solutions can quicken transactions, increase average ticket size, reach new customers, and position your business for future technological advancements. SAVE My Fees provides not only streamlined credit and debit processing, but online tools to access real-time transaction data, and comprehensive interchange management services to help ensure the lowest possible rates. A single partner to process all your payment types helps you reduce fraud, but we can also help you develop targeted, revenue-generating solutions such as gift card and loyalty programs.


Retail Stores

Successful retailers keep up not just with customer tastes and preferences, you keep up with how your customers prefer to pay. In fact, expanding your payment options can even expand your market reach. In distinguishing themselves from the competition, local, national and regional based retailers need to offer the same ease of payment and high level of security as you can provide. Processing payments with SAVE My Fees solutions requires minimal training and helps secure your funding quickly and easily. Our terminals are flexible for future enhancements and integrate transaction data directly into back-office tools. SAVE My Fees has the depth of experience and range of services to complement your market strategy, all backed by some of the most extensive fraud detection databases in the industry.


E-commerce/Internet Business

Every year established businesses find ways to use the Internet to sell directly to consumers, and companies are created that need e-commerce capability. As this momentum continues to build, more and more consumers are making online purchases a routine. Yet barriers remain. Half of all North American households have never completed a transaction online, and fraud remains a significant threat to e-Businesses. Whether your business is home-based, in the field, or a new offering needing integration into existing business systems, Reverse My Fees can customize secure payment solutions that fit.


Full Service Dining Restaurants

We provide solutions for casual and fine dining restaurants to offer customers more payment options and lower processing costs. Casual and fine dining restaurants can be as different as their menus, and SAVE My Fees offers a full range of payment processing products and services so that restauranteurs can choose the right mix of features for your business. Whether a small, family-owned establishment or a large national chain, you find the exact point-of-sale and software solution that fits your needs.


Supermarkets & Grocery


Our flexible solutions help enhance the point-of-sale capabilities of Supermarkets, Grocery Stores, Pharmacies, and other food retailers. We understand that Supermarkets, Grocery Stores, and Pharmacies have unique payment needs at the point-of-sale that differentiates you from other retail markets. We offer a complete range of payment solutions designed to enhance the point-of-sale and your customer’s shopping experience. We streamline credit, debit, and EBT processing with online access to real-time transactional data.



We have the products, services and expertise to help you streamline your operations. The view may be fabulous, but it’s your exceptional service that keeps guests coming back. Every guest interaction sets your property apart from the competition. So every credit card transaction must be fast, efficient and effortless for your guests. Whether your guests are in their rooms, by the pool, in the guest shop or at the spa, we can keep you connected. As the premier payment processor in the lodging industry, SAVE My Fees offers a full suite of products that are perfect for your property management system.


Professional Trades

Nearly instantaneous acceptance of payments while in the field has never been more affordable, so professional trade companies never have to turn away a sale because you can’t process your customer’s payment. Enabling your employees to accept credit cards can increase sales, improve cash flow, and expand your customer base into corporate accounts.

Professional trade companies offering electronic payment options get the money faster and reduce manual paperwork. Not only do your employees carry less cash, you have easier reporting with detailed monthly statements. Whether you conduct business and transact the sale in person, over the phone, by mail, or online, SAVE My Fees provides the affordable payment tools you need.


Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

SAVE My Fees has the experience and integration needed to convert your gas station pos system to a “Cash Discounting” platform. With integrations already in place with Microsoft, Micros, Ruby-Commander, Sapphire, and many more gas station specific operating systems. No matter where you are located, SAVE My Fees has nationwide tech support to convert your convenience store or gas station today.


Wireless SAVE My Fees Account

  • Minimize processing costs because of your "swiping" cards outside of your office

  • Fewer chances for fraudulent transactions.

  • Less time-consuming than manually inputting credit card numbers

  • A high-level standard of security for credit card information

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